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Wednesday, September 28, 2005
It's freaking itchy. Please don't let it be cpox. I had this weird thought that some weird tiny insects formed nests on my skin. Man. This is freaking gross.
And if it ends up not cpox, I'll pester my mom to let me get my anti cpox vaccination.

On a less itchy note,
the brothers grimm is funny stuff.
And the corpse bride tomorrow! That's if there will still be tickets left for us to get.

The brother is back in camp again. And this time he'll only be out on saturday and not friday.
I think I actually teared when he left. ):

To the doc's tomorrow! Hopefully I'll come out alright. Pray for me people. Thank you. [:


Saturday, September 24, 2005
The brother is finally back! And we didn't get to go to the starlight cinema last night cos I smartly forgot to bring the ticket. So no Initial D. But that means two harrypotter movies tonight! [:
Alex: You want to go with my brother instead? You can see your Miss Granger/Watson again. [:

Btw, water in tekong is really bad. The water from the water cooler tastes like public swimming pool water. Which means, it's freaking full of chlorine. The poor boys in tekong.

Anyway, he's back! Which is good. I guess. But by tomorrow night he won't be here again. Bah.

The cousin is happily Bangkok-ing.
Danie's in Sabah.
Zat will be in New York soon.
We're all stuck here.

I'm starting to like a certain animal.
And zat, it's not the cat. I still don't want to be a cat!

And to everyone else, I need to be skinnnyyyyy. So stop discouraging me.
I think I shall start by skipping dinners. Then when I'm more motivated I'll start gym-ing.
Yes, you read it right. Fi is considering going to the gym! Fwah! Heh.

Lynn and han, sometime this week okay.
JANE! you too!
And khai! our karaoke! (pronounce: kehh-ree-ohh-keyy NOT kaah-rahhh-ohh-kayy)

See you all darlings. Love and all that mushy crap. [:


Sunday, September 18, 2005
Alright, an update.

  • The brother is in the army now, and so the house is alot quieter.
  • Exams are over which means the sem is over too. This sem was way too fast.
  • Lizzels just asked me to go celebrate zhong qiu jie and go stare at the moon. -_-
  • Winona asked me if i want to {gasp} suntan!
  • Earl grey tea with vanilla ice cream is nice.
  • I need to go out with han and lynn and who knows who else tomorrow.
  • Which means i have to postpone gwyn and shelia to some other day this week.
  • I kind of miss doing assignments and projects and rushing to meet deadlines. heh.
  • But i like the loads of free time i have now.
  • I need an ibook.
  • I shall try and psycho my mom to get one for me. heh.
  • But that means no getting out of singapore this holiday. ):
  • I can't go for any camps this year.
  • I was late for combined games so i didn't meet anyone from the other churches. But it's alright, i love my churchies.
  • I need to shop.
  • I need a more interesting house. I'm dead bored now.
  • I need to lose 7kg.

Alright, enough updates. This has been so random. See you all darlings. (:

I bet this entry is full of grammatical errors. Bah. I'm turning mad.


Tuesday, September 06, 2005
I am so disgusted.
I never knew someone like that existed.

Anyways, school's been such a bitch.
But it's all going to be over in two weeks.
I'm gonna mug this whole week to make sure I pass advert and mrm. [:

I'm still disgusted.
I think I'll never forget.
Why on earth are there people like that.