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Monday, April 25, 2005
I think I'm missing ss already. And he just left! Crapp.. Three weeks. No one tor crap with, no one to slack with, no one to do absolutely nothing with.
I just saw the lonely song on my comp. I bet ss got it. It's by akon featuring alvin the chipmunk. Alvin the chipmunk. hahahha..

Blading yesterday was funfunfun. (: The baywatch blading by sarah, extreme showoff blading by rashad and the oh-so-cool ways of falling as shown to us by kamal.

I miss ss already la. Come back la. Don't go taiwan to see ruhua la. Ha..

Love, hugs and kisses. (:


Saturday, April 23, 2005

Happy Birthday Alvin!

You're legal now.
-hint hint-

Nothing else to say.

Oh, rooftops are nice. heh.. (:

Love. Hugs&kisses.

Never regret what once made you smile.

ps, the calcutta chromosome isnt bad.


Thursday, April 21, 2005
Thank God Thank God Thank God Thank God!!

Alright, so the grades aren't anything to scream about. In fact, they aren't good at all. But.. I STILL PASSED EVERY SINGLE MODULE. I'm officially a year two man. ha..

I was thinking which human msged me so early in the morning cos i thought the results would only come out later today. Cos last sem, I only got it in the afternoon. But I was in China. So I guess it took longer. But who cares.. I passed. Yayyyy..

Okay, enough about the results. Joey's on tonight. I can't wait..
Oh, and the psf people are nicenice. (:

See you all around babes.
Love. Hugs & kisses.


Wednesday, April 13, 2005
This is going to be full of random thoughts..

I'm zoo-ing with the Heng kids tomorrow. Can't wait can't wait can't wait. Ehh.. how on earth do I go to the zoo from my place man?

Youren is so full of crap man. In a good way. [:

I'm alone at xw's while all the gays are out tennis-ing in the dark. How nice they are eh..

I was asking liang how one can like someone without knowing that person. He replied saying, "why not? we all like lky." ha.. what can I say..

6 more weeks to the end of hols. Slack while you still can people..

Aight, I'm off.
I can't wait. zoozoozooooo. johnjohnjohnnn. geoffgeoffgeofffff.
Love you all. Hugs&kisses. (:

And it hurts to want everything and nothing at the same time.


Wednesday, April 06, 2005
I'm talking to a friend online right now, and it just hit me that there's so much we can't talk about now. That's the degree to how much we've drifted apart. She doesn't tell me stuff. I don't tell her stuff. It's just weird to talk so much now. In a way, I kind of miss her. The nonsense that we all did together. Oh well.. that's just life ain't it.

Oh.. how much we've grown.

Was looking at the oreo cookies yesterday and realised how long ago it was that we all used to like them. We being the gtfers. Remember the camps where we stuffed our bags with food to eat at night. And the bus rides to malaysia where we prepared so much junk to eat on the rides. The nights where we stayed up till late talking about whoknowswhat. I miss those times man. And I can't go to camp this year! Crap change of semester dates.

Went to school for some annual report photo taking nonsense. I don't know what it's for actually.. Oh well, who cares.
I'm so bored nowadays! I shall try to clean my room and make it prettier. Perhaps next week. Or the week after next. Who knows..

I'm hanging on to, well, actually, nothing. There's nothing to hang on to. Oh, okay, I'm not hanging on then.
Friends. To be or not to be. It's up to you.
Okay, to almost everyone out there.. ignore my mad rants.

Love you all.
Hugs and kisses.

Fake a lie and pretend to fly.


Friday, April 01, 2005
Tennis-ed today with kev and al. If you can call it that. I am so lousy at it, I think I should stop playing to stop humiliating myself. Don't you think so too? Now say yes at the count of three. 1, 2, 3. Yes! Ha..

Then I was so pissed cos I could only lunch at 4 cos I had to do something for mommy. Crap.
But kev, being his usual fos self, made me laugh so much that I felt a little better. And essential brew is so pretty. I can go there and stone everyday man.

Nic>> Sorry for not calling you along for the tennis. But you have to study! Re-test re-test!

You four gays>> I love you all la..

Shalu>> You're in my cats class. So I love you too. Ha..

I love you all. Classmates, schoolmates. Whatever.. Everyone in my life.

Have you really forgotten about me?
Stopped caring?
Or are you just scared?
Am I really so easy to forget?
Tell me.
Don't leave me hanging.