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Sunday, February 27, 2005
Alrightalright.. here's an update. So no more nagging from you all.

I found a nice place to chill, Courtesy of tong. It's super nice and cosy. Let's all go slack there one day. [:

I'm in love with the zara heels.

And I just want to tell you all I love you all. My churchies, my classmates, the dormant clan, everyone. [:

I want to get the zara heels!

Ahh.. nvm. I'm out. Missing all of you.

Loves. Hugs&kisses. [:


Tuesday, February 08, 2005
Alright, alright, I'm here to update.

Stuff happened not too long ago, and I guess I'm okay now. I just want to thank some people for being so nice to me about it.

Casan, Hafizah, Arina. Pearlyn, Danielle. Peifang. Gwynie and Shelia. The league of undesirable gentlemen (though you all don't know what happened). Fidah.
I have no school for the rest of this week! And cny is coming soonsoonsoon. But I've got tonnes of work as usual. The procrastinator in me just refuses to do any work until it's almost due. Oh wells..
Had dinner with liang today. Irritating atm machines at holland v just don't have money to dispense. Blegh. And he's started studying already! That oldie (you'll agree with me on that oldie comment won't you liang?).. It's alright.. I feel old too. I don't know why. Ha..
Liang>> Dinner tonight was was nice. Seriously. (I'm not lying! You better not pui me..) Haven't talked to you in ages. As in, haven't talked to you in person in ages. And I like that poem. I love it. It's nicenicenicee.. Cheer up alright? I'll see you around. Study Hard! ha.. [:
Alright done updating.
Night you all. Love. Hugs&kisses. [:
Derek>> I've updated.
Happy belated birthday to my darling gwynie.
Thanks for being there for me all these years.
Love you loads! [: