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Friday, December 17, 2004
Today has got to be the worse day ever. Evereverever. Wanted to get something from town but a friend couldn't make it. Then I came back.. guess what.. I forgot to bring my keys! Then I had to wait for my mom for about 5 looooong hours to let me into the house.

Then I THOUGHT the day [or night] was getting better when my mom bought me something and I got a purple tank. But the thing my mom got me is spoilt la. I'm so pissed now. I'm going back to the shop to complain tomorrow. Make them give me a new piece. I'm super damn pissed la. As if my day wasn't bad enough.

Oh man.. I'm superdamn pissed.


Thursday, December 16, 2004
Alright, I haven’t been blogging in a while. But my readership seems to be down. But I shall just continue to blog.

So anyways, school has started. And it sucks.. Who has school in the middle of December. As adri said, who shops for school stuff in the middle of December!?!?!? Oh wells, we don’t have a choice either.

So, I’m taking social psychology, written communication, radio production, marketing, web design & computer graphics and two other IS modules. Bleahh.. I already had work on the first day of school.

But it’s been quite alright being back in school. To see all the people and not staying at home getting fat. But I hate the work!!

And Christmas is coming soon. And I haven’t got the presents and haven’t started writing the cards. And there isn’t caroling this year. Saddening..

I’ve been thinking of highlighting my hair. Who wants to come along with me?

Alright, I’m done blogging. There’s nothing to say. See you all.
Loves. Hugs&kisses. [:
And I want to change my blogskin. It's getting quite irritating..


Friday, December 03, 2004
am at gwyn's now to shower.
had ss camp campfire just now.
and we [gwyn, shelia, me] didn't want to wait or fight with the campers to shower.
so we're here now.
and I should be back in church now to do devotions.

anyways, campfire was...
aright la.
not as much energy as the previous campfires.
have no idea why..

and i bought a pair of black slippers today.
at m)phosis.
i'm happy!
went with jingyin..
and i bought size 8 la..
abit too big,
considering i normally wear size 5 or 6.
mm, but it looks a lilteensyweensybit too big only.
but i'm still happy i got my slippers.
no sign of any nice bags yet.
except for this nice white handbag at southaven.
but it's 59 bucks!!

aright, i shall leave now to go back to camp.
i think i hear gwyn coming out of the toilet already.

btw, i'm not prepared for school restarting man..
i'm still in the holiday mood.
plus the thought of having school in december and on Christmas eve is quite bleahh.

so i'm leaving now.
see you all in school.
and the others somewhere else.
see you all..
night world.
i'm late for night devotion.
loves. hugs&kisses. [: