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Friday, November 26, 2004
Went to cut my hair today.
It looked not bad when i left the shop.
Quite nice actually.
Now I can't seem to make it look like how it looked like in the salon.

I'm stuck looking fugly now.
Until my hair grows out.
And my hair takes forevereverever to grow.
I've been playing with my hair the whole day,
and it can't seem to look human.

I've got this two HUGE mosquito bites on both my elbows.
One on each elbow.
I hate rain.
And I hate my hair.
I hate the rain and my hair.

Okays, I'm sorry..
I need to complain.
I can't help it.

Oh, and 'The Incredibles' is damndamn good..
You all should go catch it.
I like jackjack and dash.
And I give it 5 upon 5 stars.
[not like cheapo xiangwei who's so stingy w his stars]

School's starting.
And I'm not exactly super looking forward to it.
Plus I have to get a new bag and slippers for school.
With my already almost empty pocket.
And before any of you say that i needn't buy them,
I need them.
Cos I don't want to slip and fall and die in my frictionless slippers.
And I don't seem to have a bag suitable for everyday carrying.
Black slippers and a bag.
That's all I need.
For now..
Oh, and maybe a few more clothes.

I'm seriously itching.
And my eyes are tearing up from tiredness.
And I keep thinking about my fugly hair.
whywhywhyyyy.. is it so fugly..

Anyways, I think I should go sleep soon.
Shelia wants t come over tm morning t swim.
She's inspired by e swimming show tt just ended.

I'm off to bed soon.
Bye world.
Bye reality of fugly hair.
For tonight..
Loves. Hugs&kisses. [:


Tuesday, November 23, 2004
Ok, this is the LAST time I will blog if this entry doesn't go through. Bleahh.. I have 3 times already since that pok China trip. And they ALL didn't get through. What are the chances of that man..

Anyways, the China trip was pok. NEVER go to China if you want a fun holiday. But some of the scenery are nice. But it was freaking cold and rainy. Boo..

Mmm, what else to blog about..

OhOHOH!! I got my results back. Quite long ago actually. I passed everything! Yay! But the results are quite bad la..
Medisoc -- D
Gracom -- D
Specom -- C
Locvid -- B
S&W -- PX
SAB -- A

And now I have my timetable too. Monday.. MONDAY!! For freaking sake.. 8am to 5pm. How pok la.. 8am every monday, tuesday and wednesday. I end at 5 on monday, 4 on tuesday, 12 on wednesday, 2 on thursday and 3 on friday. 5, 4, 12, 2, 3.. Doesn't sound that bad actually. Compared to king's.

Mmm, I have quite a bit of stuff to do before school starts. Can't enjoy my holiday right before school starts. The hectic sem.. Anyways, I have the church directory stuff, vbs, ss camp games and the Christmas video.

The hectic sem.. I'm looking forward to it. And also not looking foward to it. You understand? Holidaying too much has made me incapable of imagining a hectic few months. Aiya.. I'm crapping. People, ignore all this..

Mmm, I'm going over to Shelia's to watch shows later. YAY YAY!!
I'm going off to prepare.
Loves, Hugs&kisses. [:


Saturday, November 06, 2004
I want to watch taxi.
Who wants to watch?

Anyways, i'm leaving already.
Don't miss me!

Girl: Study hard! observe the stats.
Gwyn&Ss: Happy working!
Sam: I finished the book already. when do you want it?
Everyone else: Enjoy your hols..
O&A level-ers: All the bestfor your papers. [:

Love you all. [:

P.S. : I think I'm going to get pneumonia in China.
Please visit me in China's hospital.


Friday, November 05, 2004
Today's mommy's birthday!
Happy birthday mommy!

Quick run through of what happened this week..
Last sataurday, gtf ecm.
Tuesday, sushi with that bunch of gays.
Wednesday, beaching with the sisterhood+leon.
Yesterday, caught a movie with jaime and dinnnered with alan the monkey and jenny.

Gtf will officially be called the gcyf from 2005 onwards.
No more ytf or gtf.
Gcyf makes us sound quite old.

Sushi with those gays was...
What should I say..
They're a bunch of lamers.
Uber crapp.

Did virtually nothing at Sentosa.
I can't swim.
So I didn't want to get into the water.
But it was okay.
I got to read adri's book.
So I'm a happy girl.
[I love reading just in case you all didn't know that.]
Plus, I got to meet the sisterhood.
I haven't seen them since school ended.

Watched Princess Diaries with jaime.
Quite a fantasy.
None of which will ever happen in real life.
Only in reel life.
Indulging the little girl in me by watching that show. [:
Dinnered at holland v with the monkey, jaime and jenny.
It was funny.
Especially the partS where jenny and i made fun of alan.
Oh wells..

Anyways, I'm off to China soon.
Midnight flight.
Saturday night, sunday morning, whatever you want to call it.
It's a midnight flight.

Mmm, I've just finished reading the da vinci code.
I don't know what to say.
It's a good book.
In a way.
Good story and all.
BUT! , the facts are all wrong.
Oh wells, read it as a fiction book.
Then you won't be affected by it all.
I think..
What affected me was..
Ask me in person.
I'll tell you.
If you want to listen..

I have to go pack my stuff for the trip soon.
Maybe tonight of tomorrow.
See you all soon.
Love. Hugs&kisses. [:

Lord, I love You..
Because You first loved me..