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Friday, October 29, 2004
Tomorrow's officially going to be as bad as today.
Equally boring.

Shelia can't go out cos wj's back.
Gwyn can't go out cos she's having attachment.
Adri and Sam can't go out. Bfs you see.
King.. I don't go out w him in the first place.
And i bet he's going out w his hbf.
My sec sch friends.
Umm, i'm not as close to them anymore.
You don't expect me to ask them out for 4 days in a row right..
And.. That person.
Supposed to go out with me.
But.. Wth..
She changed her mind.
Plus, she makes it seem like such a big deal that she's going out with me.
So, to her, dont!
Don't have to go out with me.
Go out with another person,
can go to town and where not.
With me..
You change your opinion damn fast cos of a guy don't you..

Where are your friends when you need them?
Church friends.
School friends.
No one seems to be around.

Aright, enough about my non-existent friends.
They cause too much sadness..

I know what i want for Christmas!
Qi Yuwu or Adam Brody.
Anyone of the two.
I'm not picky.
Oh, and girl, our hybrid IS hot.
I agree.
Credit goes to Chunliang for this.
He was the one who came up with this lame theory.

I dont't want to blog anymore for now.
I just wanted to let it out.
About how angry i am.
How sad.
How disappointed.
forget it..

I'm off.
And I'm not feeling very lovey today.


Tuesday, October 26, 2004
first, i'm saying sorry to the sisterhood.
i was at my friend's place and got too lazy to move.
sorry dears.

ayee.. i stoned the day away at xw's.

anyways, i have no idea why people don't get the idea that people aren't interested.
my friend, kevin has this girl after him.
and he reallyreally doesn't like her.
but she thinks he likes her.
EVEN THOUGH he already told her no.
now all of us are thinking of ways to help him.
that poor girl really thinks that kev likes her.
ayee..poor thing.
you should read her blog.

sisterhood>>i'm sorry dears. i'll go to king's again someday soon.
kev>>just tell her straight that you don't like her! it's better this way..

i'm bored. aright. nvm. at least i'm going out tomorrow. ahaha..

okays ppl.
i'm going off.
not much to blog about.
holiday life is boooorrriiinnnngggg.
loves. hugs&kisses. [:


Friday, October 22, 2004
i guess i'm aright now.
sleep cures all.
i woke up this morning,
and realised that,
you can't change things.
just let it go.
it's for the best.
it's sad.
but it's the only way.
leaving sucks doesn't it.


Thursday, October 21, 2004
it's sad when you realise that things will never be the same between your friend and you.
when you reminisce about the past and all the wacky times tgt.
times change, things change, people change.
you can't stop that from happening.
and it's scary.
cos this will always happen.
what you feel, is more than sadness.
it's the sinking feeling filling your heart and soul.
knowing that things aren't and will never be the same anymore.
life changes, and change is inevitable.
though glad that life is better for a friend now,
it's still despairing to know that you won't meet the person anymore.
not ever, with the person moving away.
especially if the person is moving out of the country and never returning.
with no more contact with each other,
there's nothing to talk about.
no reason to meet up.

i miss my friend,
i miss the lame jokes.
i miss the company.
and i can't help it.
this sucks.

is it possible to drift away from a friend without feeling down?
without feeling upset?
without your heart breaking?

i want to cry.
i guess i'm too emotional.
too sentimental.
and i irritatingly think and feel too much about everything.

i hate friends leaving.
and i can't change it.
how terrible is that feeling?
this is upsetting.
who wants to cry with me?

alright, i shall not be so forlorn, and make others who read this feel down too.
loves ppl. hugs&kisses. }:

keep in contact alright?
i'll miss you...


Tuesday, October 19, 2004
watched the cool guy w the dfs today.
we couldn't decide on a show.
sam wanted t watch the exorcist/white chicks,
adri wanted t watch the cool guy/white chicks,
i wanted t watch anything except the exorcist & white chicks.
sorry dears. but i really have no money t rewatch white chicks again.
anyways, the cool guy was good! yay!
the guys were cute, the show was funny.
the girl cried too much tho.

the show was good! i like the guys!
they were really cool!
no wonder they call the show the cool guy.
but then..
guys like tt don't exist in real life.
i don't think i know anyone who can be something like tt guy.
this one person.
but he's attached [i think] and i don't talk t him anymore.

doesn't matter.
shows like tt make me saddd..
i can't really be bothered.
guess why.

someone tell me who the lead in the cool guy is pls..
none of us know his name.

aright. i'm gna have my dinner.
loves. hugs&kisses.

btw, this is damn hilarious.
ppl, you should watch extreme gourmet.


Monday, October 18, 2004
school's officially out. for me at least. for 1.1.
and the hols are in.
but i miss school. without the work.
i'm not looking forward to next sem tho.
okays, i shall quit whining. [for now]

i'm borrreeeeeddddddddddd.
someone help me relieve my boredom.
ask me out.
some people la. have exams now. and school. and all.
no time to go out with me.
i'm not blaming them.
but this is saddening.
i NEED to go out.

oooh! guess what. i chatted w mitch for a lil lil while online last night.
and guess whattttt...........
he's now almost 6 ft tall. abt 180 cm!
i don't believe it man.
he was short........
now he's TALL......
i'm the only shorty left in the world.

okays, i'm off. my bro's nagging me again.
ask me out people.
i'm dyinggggggg of boredom.

loves. hugs&kisses. [:


Friday, October 15, 2004
oooh! the whole sem is over! yesssss!! it's all over.. til another one and a half months when the hectic sem starts. but nvm, i shall just concentrate on the hols now. ha. happiness.. [:

e paper today was okay i guess. who would have known tt homosexuality and prostituition is PG rated?!?!? but i'm praying i'll pass. i dont wna repeat anything. oh, and i got a lousy d+ for the final speech. i hope i pass overall.

anyways, enough about school. we're having brothers' appreciation night tm. and we have t cook. which obviously i'm not. i'll just help prepare. i can't cook for nuts. unless you count instant noodles and plain rice. ahahha..

oooh, after buying the stuff and putting them at gwyn's place, shelia, adeline and me headed to jp to have dinner. crazy shelia wanted to eat at fish&co for dinner. i'm poor! i'm broke! i didnt want..... but she was nice enough la. we had long john's in the end. and after, we walked around for a bit and i saw this niceniceniceniceeee green bag at jennyfer. i wanttttt.. ha. oh, adn many many pairs of nice shoes at this shop. hehs..

mm, anyways, darren, cheer up. you can't do anything abt e outline now. you passed! that's all that matters. [:

okays, i'm done blogging for now. my bro needs to use the comp at any time. ohhhh, i want a lap of my own. esp if i need to bring it to school a whole lot next sem. bleahh..okays, nvms, i'm off people. loves. hugs&kisses. [:


Sunday, October 10, 2004
comment people............ comment!!
this is very saddening. nobody's commenting! not a single soul. nobody's tagging either.
sadness fills my soul. ha. tt's a line copied from sam.

today was the usual. service. sunday school [which i haven't been to for quite some time]. lunch. preparation for Brother's Appreciation Night. but went t west mall [of all places] cos gwyn had to pass someone something.

but! the trip to lousy west mall has made me realised something.. i want to eat cheesecake! ha. gluttony ol' me. did i tell you all tt i had my 20 pcs nuggets? well, i did! not today tho. friday.. [see adri, king i can do it!!] and i finished it all! in an hour or so.. but i don't advise anyone to do that. cos your tummy will feel like it's bursting. which mine almost did. i had to lie down for like an hour or more. ha.

okays, i'm off. pleaseeeeeee comment peopleeeeee. }:
loves. hugs&kisses.


Saturday, October 09, 2004
my neck still hurts. but it was worse yest. stiff neck.. again! i couldn't turn my head front, back, left, right. i could only look front. felt like a dope..

hmm, what would you do if you found out tt ppl don't want you? tt you weren't as included as you think you were. tt you weren't... well, you weren't. weren't everything. there's nothing you can do can you. nothing. so you should just let it go. pretend it never happened. tt you never found out. and pretend tt everything's fine and dandy, when deep inside you know tt things aren't. not for now at least. maybe you're just reading too much into things. maybe.. but it still hurt when you think abt it or read abt it. hais..

anyways, woke up w a terrible terrible neck on fri. felt like my neck was in a cast. was supposed t go catch a movie at jp w some ppl, but they cancelled and asked me if i was fine w it. then i was supposed t go t church t decorate a board. but i decided t lie down t see if my neck would get better. in the end, i didn't go anywhere cept for plaza t return books and t get dinner. hais, i really couldn't go t church. but i admit, i was irresponsible when i didn't go and didn't tell you abt it.

oh wells.. i'm gg for gtf later. i'm leading today.

so i'm off ppl. and my neck still hurts. tho not so much. but it does. well, loves. hugs&kisses. [:


Thursday, October 07, 2004
yay yay yay! final speech is over! i didn't do great. in fact, i did quite bad. but it's alright! it's over and done w! medisoc exam up next. cramcramcram.. after that, almost 2 months o hols! yay! but after e hols.. things will get worse. more work i heard..

anyways, signing off now. i'm xian. i might be tired or just plain bored. nights all. loves. hugs&kisses. [:


Tuesday, October 05, 2004
mm, vespas rock!! ahahha..

anyways, syed's photoshoot was yest. was there at amk mrt station at 2.30, and guess what.. e ppl weren't there! haha.. oh wells, but syed was all apolegetic abt it. his partner, allan, aka ying(2) hui(1) was there too. [what a dumb sentence. of cos he'd be there! he's the partner! bahh..] mmm, know what? dopey king was at amk at 1!! goodness.. poor him. wasted an hour and a half o his life roaming around amk central. ahahaha..

e day was quite fun. [oh, adri, your blanket! haha..] they were funny ppl. ha.. tt sounded quite off... but nvm. haha.. they shot at their friend, aaron's house. and somebody broke a glass. haha..

oh wells, after shooting at aaron's, we headed t town. some alley at somewhere. haha.. and i got my skirt from aunty wen's! yays! ahaha.. after e whole shoot [which took forever], sam went off, and we went t eat dinner. at 10pm! [oh, and ppl, if any o you ever see allan, aka ying(2) hui(1), pls sing him a song. e reason by hoobastank. hahahha.. he hates tt song. hahahaa..

vespas still rock! yays! [faizal, you rock too la. hahha..]

okays, i have t go get lunch and head down t danielle's house for king's locvid shoot. see you all. loves. hugs&kisses. [: [ps, vespas rock! ahaha..]


Monday, October 04, 2004
bahh.. my whole entry just got deleted. i think i'm gna save every entry first next time.

anyways, in sum, i'm eating my macs breakfast now, which is veryy niceee.. haha..

and, yest's filming went okay i guess. cept for e last part, where e sun set, and it was too dark t make out anything. bahh.. but... a big Thank You t nicole, for acting for us, in not one vid [which she had t act psychotic]. but two! haha.. and Thank You t queenie and her family for their hospitality and allowing us t use their house. and her brother whose room we cleaned out for one scene, and which we never put e things back. ha..

and then we headed t queenie's friend, jonathan's house t put e equipment there cos his blk has a lift, and so it's easier t move e equipment. oh, and eugene, aka eugeney lives in e same blk as tt jonathan guy and on e same level too! wahh.. hahah..

oh, and i'm talking t jeremy liang on msn right now, and he's gna be out o e army in abt a wk! on e 13th o oct t be exact. haha.. yay for you jeremy! haha.. he's getting old man..

oh wells, back t eating my breakfast. then passing zat's jacket t him, and syed's shoot later, and discussinf speech w pj after. and my mom just called me t see if i can do something for her. and i said i couldn't cos i'd either be at e shoot or discussing speech. i feel badd.. like a meanie.

mm, i'm off t eat. loves. hugs&kisses.

[btw, my haloscan is screwed, and so i got a tagboard. bleahh..]


Friday, October 01, 2004
went t film, and was uber late so i cabbed down. but on e way, adri said tt i didn't need t go down if i didn't wna cos it was only one scene. but since i was on e cab alr, i decided t just go down.

anyways, filming was okay. we took like 11 [or more] takes for just one scene! i think we broke our record. haha..

and while we were wheeling our equipment out t flag a cab for izzat, isabel fainted. poor dear. she's under a load o stress. [it's alright dear, we're here for you. you're better off w/o some ppl. and ppl don't dislike you. they care for you..] and also, while waiting for adri's mom t come pick us [thanks auntie], i realised tt there are problems in class. bahh.. i wna help them, but some don't want help. it hurts t be able t do nothing and stand by while watching someone self-destruct. hais..

anyways, gtf tm, filming on sunday, accompanying sam for syed's photo shoot on mon and followed by specom preparation, acting for king's grp on tuesday, more specom preparation on wed, final speech on thurs and i don't know what else. ha..

oh wells, i should be off t bed soon. nights all. loves. hugs&kisses. [:


okays, i am officially not worried or confused now. but i still feel like a meanie.

t e person: thanks for understanding. i'm sorry for putting you through all tt. you study hard now. and pass! ha. [:

mm, just wna say thanks t my girl too. and tt i love her. i just called her cos i was feeling so mean, and she talked t me, even though she was bz. i love you girlie! [:

oh, and i'm doing precepts w gwyn on e 9th. yay! ha..

mm, i'm really glad everything's resolved now. [: phew..

okays, i think i'm gg t buy lunch. have t be in sch at 5 t shoot.

mm, i'm talking t my cousin now. great talking t her nowadays, after not talking for like dunno how many yrs. ha.

mm, gg off now. feeling a sense o relief. [: loves ppl. hugs&kisses. [: