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Thursday, September 30, 2004
yay! bauhaus is over! finally! thank God! [:

kok kee and some other teacher kept quite quiet during e presentation. asked some weird qns tt we didn't forsee, some of our stuff were not consistent throughout and i presented quite badly. but thank God is over!

got a 'd', 'e', 'e' for three of my gracom projs. was so disheartening. but neng hao said tt kok kee said tt as long as we get a 'd' on at least one of e projs, he would pass us. hope neng hao is right man. haha.. i don't want t re-take both specom and gracom..

mm, went t town t slack around w adri, met alvin later and melissa came along too. [: finally, a break from e bz-ness. ahaha.. btw, adri and sam told me tt i needed t hand in background info for speech [which i didn't] and it was too late t hand in. bahh..

mm, locvid shooting tm and sunday, a one scene photo shoot for syed on monday, acting for king's group on tuesday and final speech on thursday. okays, workworkwork..

today was not bad. haha.. did shoe shopping w melissa! yayness! shoes rocks la. ahaha.. though we didn't get anything at all. haha.. [and thanks for e dinner alvin!] [:

okays, my bro's rushing me. bahh.. off t slp. dead tired. loves. hugs&kisses. [;


Wednesday, September 29, 2004
my mommy found my key for me last night! yay! thank God! she was sneezing, and so she went t get tissue, and she found my key on tt table! yay! ahaha.. i love you mommy.. [:

anyways, was bz doing bauhaus last night, so didn't get t blog abt my mommy finding my key for me. ha. mm, poor adri.. bauhaus is killing her brain cells.

anyways.. i bought this pair of nice heels for bauhaus presentation on thurs, it's nice. and pointy. it's like slip in, but w an ankle strap. i lovelovelove it. ahaha.. and my mommy's getting it for me!i think.. haha. but tt pair of heels can't match jeans. lousyfied.. so now i have t go buy black pants. which i don't have time for.. anybody knows where t buy black pants?

okays, everyone's outta e house. and i have t rush over t king's house t do bauhaus. [bauhaus is a killer ppl.. if you are gg into mass comm, beware! it takes away your precious slp.. which i think we will do tonight.. not slp.. ahahahah. [:

okaysokays.. i have t prepare t go king's house alr. thank you all of you who have read till here. cos you've tahan-ed all my whinings.. ahaha.. love you all. [: hugs&kisses..


Tuesday, September 28, 2004
i lost my key! *crys* eighty dollars le!! no money!! i dieee.. i only remember throwing into my bag yesterday, and when i was searching for my key t open e door just now, i couldn't find it! when i got t my room, i emptied my bag, but still couldn't find it! i die la.. i don't have $80 t pay for ONE key.. i dieeee..eighty bucks. and my brother and my mom keep scolding me for losing my key.. not only tt.. t copy e key, i have t go ALL THE WAY T KALLANG!! what farrr.. i think i diee.. haiss.. why did i lose my key?? whywhywhy?? *sobs*


Sunday, September 26, 2004
my cousins and nieces came over. i still have no idea why. haha..

too unmotivated t go study right now.. locvid test AND specon test tm.. happiness~ and i haven't started studying anything.. bahh.. at least i know e whole sisterhood haven't started either, so i'm not alone! hahah..

was late for Galilee's service today, and so went for Calvary's service. wow-wee.. they ended at 12+!! anyways, met charissa there, thank God, otherwise i'd be alone.. cos tt shawnie didn't wna come find me and sit w me. ha. but.. still caught up w shawn at Calvary's fellowship hall for a few mins. thank God for tt.. haven't talked t him for so long, and talking t him brought up how much i miss sec sch life. when life was much much easier, and we saw everyone everyday.. when we were still carefree and all.. days gone which will nv be back.. it's quite saddening t think of it. but i guess it's aite.. i have e sisterhood now! i have no idea how i'd get through sch w/o e sisterhood. [; still hope tt e sec sch ppl'll stay in touch. [if you're reading this, and you're frm tss, call me out for lunch/dinner sometime! hahah..]

met up w e sisterhood + ethan + fo'en + leon[who came later] t do bauhaus. i tell you, bauhaus is killing us. and i still want a rose when i die, thank you. hahah.. went t creative hands t get some materials.. when we're done w bauhaus, we'll be uber broke man.. no money for e movie sammie wants t watch.. hahah.. we've kinda decided on what e designs for all e stuff are. yay!

well, xw's online now, and he doesn't wna blog, and can't do his proj cos he's brain dead now. hahah. this para is dedicated t xw.. [xw, don't say i lie t you nv dedicate a para t you. hahah.] and his proj's damn longgg and he wants t slp.. wahaha..

listening t indecent obsession's fixing a broken heart now. e song's quite saddening. hmm.. bahh, shan't think abt anything.. studystudystudy.. ahahaha..

off t try t study now.. loves. hugs&kisses. [;


Saturday, September 25, 2004
mm, stayed home today t do e mountain full o work. bahh. and missed out on ex-co meeting.

anyways, yest, during editing test, and tt nwc pissed me off. she didn't allow me t complete e test! bahh.. shitters. but! we got an A- for proj 1! yay! didn't do well for my camera test though.. had lunch w adri and went t girl's house. wahh.. i like her cheesecake! hahah.. then we headed t citylink, looked around, and didn't buy anything. ha. poor girlie.. had t walk around w me, and listen t me complain abt how there aren't any nice heels in singapore. hahah..

we headed t cine, t watch a short film tt pj helped produce [congrats pj, your first film! i bet it was much better then nwc's. haha], met gwyn there, and e sisterhood + leon after. [t gwyn & girl: i'm sorry.. tt i ignored you all.. sorry....] we spotted out e mistakes during e short span of 15 mins. haha. sam and i were irritating ppl. we kept gg, wires! overexposure! too shaky! the lift! everything.. hahah. see what nwc did t us.... after e show, gwyn and girl left us. hais, i'm sorry dearies.. i didn't mean it..

after they left, we headed t bk t sit down, and met pj after. during which, we met andrew and syed [aka, dainty jaw/pretty jawline] hahah.. and yeah, andrew should keep his voice low man.. reeeeaaaal lowww.... hahah..

mm, had dinner on thurs at cafe cartel. now, i'm real confused.. hais.. bahh..

oh! and i saw this pair of pretty heels yest, when i was e girlie! wahaha.. it's damnn niceeee.. i want!'s uber painful t wear. i tried it on. bahh.. oh! and i want this spag top from mango too. ha. and i need a white button top and black pants for presentation. [:

hw is still up t my eyeballs. maybe even higher. 2 tests on monday, locvid and specom. tut work due on tues, bauhaus [which we haven's started much on] and final speech stuff due on thurs. filming on fri evening and sun late morning till late. final speech itself on e 7th, and medisoc exam on e 15th. dieness..

mm, my auntie, cousins and nieces are coming over tm.. have t pack my room t make it look like it's in living conditions. like i have not enough stuff t do! greatness~ nahh, i'll just do it and shan't complain. it's just stuffing of things into cupboards and wardrobes.. hahaha..

off t dinner and more work.. love ppl.. hugs&kisses. [:


Wednesday, September 22, 2004
my girlie cares for me! ha. just read her blog. mm, yay! ha. thought she'd be too bz t bother abt anything of non-importance. love her loads. really thank God for someone like her. [:

anyways, i have work t my eyeballs. have t be at sch at 12 t discuss final speech w pj [thank God i don't have t go see tt nwc at 1. but poor adri has t. ha. poor girl.], final speech preparation due tm, editing test on fri [which i have totally no idea how t do], locvid test on mon [heard it's 35%!], bauhaus due next thurs [of which we haven't started on], final speechit self on next next thurs, locvid major proj due onwk 15 and medisoc exam on e 15th of oct. phew.. can't wait for all those t end man. but tt means i'm gna be mugging uber hard. workworkworkstudystudystudymugmugmug. ha.

mm, yeah, went t je library w e sisterhood + ethan last night [after having dinner at e hawker w e bamboo rice of cos..] and met ronald, chen guang and bryan there. ha. mm, had quite a few laughs w e sisterhood. ha. esp when adri told us how king likes his 'beard' so much, he goes, "sexy right" whenever she asks him t shave. hahahha. and you should have seen e look on adri's face when she said tt. whaaahaha. funnyyyness.. and king's fav book! e 'handbook' t e republic of China. wahaha. it's not really handy tho. it's uber big & heavy. ha. thank God for friends. ha. [:

gtg sch now. loves. hugs&kisses. [:


Tuesday, September 21, 2004
God answered my prayers. phew.. twice today.

prayed t God so hard last night in bed. t tell me what i should do. and He answered my prayer today. decided t wait and see what happens. not a bad idea. ha. i feel kinda relieved now. kinda. ha.

and e second thing is....He protected me from this psycho on e bus today. was praying so hard tt nothing would happen t me. i'll tell you what happened... i was on 176 on e way home, reaching home alr, then some psychotic guy hit my arm. then i turned around, shocked, and he looked at me w crazy eyes. madness. i was so freaked out. he scared e living daylights out of me. thank God his friend calmed him down. then after, he went t press e bell [when e bus was gg t e interchange!] and went back t his seat. and then i heard him ask me, softly, 'xiao jie, ni qu na li'. but i pretended i didn't hear anything and continued staring at my magazine. and after, he kept bending down, trying t look at my face. freaked me out man. he's scary. thank God his friend was there and he was nice abt it. apologising again and again. i think tt psychotic guy was high man. on drugs. hais..sickksickk..

okays, i wna go slp soon but i have t finish my dinner first. ha. have specom final speech preparation t do w pj tm and tennis after. boringness. workworkwork..

had medisoc e whole day, did a lil locvid major proj paperwork after, watched some jap cartoon for locvid viewing, and went t je library t research on bauhaus. my knee hurt like mad on e way home.

bahh.. my bro's nagging at me t get off. gg off.
loves. hugs&kisses. [:


Monday, September 20, 2004
i've finished e media critique! yayness! all done. w 823 words [i think]. ha. i'm off t bed. finally. i hear some cars coming up now. mm, i wonder if it's e newspaper van. ha.

just thought of something.. hope he's not playing me.. hais.. oh wells..

love you all. hugs&kisses. [: i'm off t bed finally. [:


[i'm taking now as the 18th of september. so today = 18th september '04.]

today was a good day. it really was! hehs..

sold lunch coupons, helped out in the junior program, and gave out the lunch packets.

mm, when i woke up this morning, he didn't reply to my msg e from the previous night. realised tt it was still quite early and so i decided t wait. was quite saddening t not see his msg come in.. but! he did reply. later in e morning when it was almost noon. but he replied. tt's all tt matters. ha. i smiled like a dope when he replied. said he didn't wna disturb me cos he thought i'd be bz. ha. and after, we talked on and on on from when i was on the bus on the way home to abt 5.30pm. ha. learnt quite a few things abt him. came home t do my work but talked til quite late and i was tired so i decided t take a nap. he called later when he finished his soccer playing t wake me up. mm, felt kinda nice.. t wake up t his voice. ha. nicenice. verynice. yeah, so i decided t finally start on my media critique and he called again. ha. but then he had t go off t do his econs essay.. so we hung up. and so he went t do his econs essay and me my media critique. but then while doing it, i got so distracted thinking and so i msged him. ha. but then i was on my bed then and i fell asleep [sorry dearie]. ha. but then i woke up at 2am when my brother asked me if i still wanted t use e com. must as well finish e media critique today, so i decided t drag myself outta bed t do it. [bahh i think e whole sisterhood has finished it cept for me. ha.] yeah, so i'm still doing it now. but it's almost done! *clapclap* haha.

today was really good. but then.... there are things i have been thinking abt. hais. i'm afraid this will die out after some time and then it'll be so weird when we have combined anything. hais.. and i don't want it t move too fast cos then i don't think e friendship or anything will last long. ha. mm, does anyone know what i'm talking abt? i can't exactly put into words what i'm thinking right now. ha. hmm.. i think i've revealed more than enough t e whole world anyways.

oh wells..have t go complete e dumbdumb media critique. [i'm almost done! yay! ha.]

this is for him: thinking of you.. [:

love you ppl. hugs&kisses. [:


Saturday, September 18, 2004


oh, i forgot t blog abt this just now.. it dawned on me while prof jim was giving e msg. tt every single soul in e sanctuary is connected t everyone else thru Jesus. how great eh.. otherwise we won't even know of each other. coolness. related through God. ha.

oh wells, off t slp. nights all. loves. hugs&kisses. [:


funfunfun! ha. just got home..

had combined bp churches youth games day today. was quite stress doing registration and grouping cos there were somethings gg wrong. but then it got all well. ha. but e grouping was quite screwed i think. ha. anyhow put e ppl into grps last min. but it ain't our fault! ha.

was in church in e earlyearly morning w shelia t meet sis charissa t go get palm leaves and shun bian set up tables and chairs for tm. mm, then we took a "tour" around kent ridge sec. it's so pretty! no fair! oh, and when we were carrying e palm leaves t e car, we looked like we were carrying corpses, and gg t dump them in e river. ha.

then we headed t shalom t decorate e rooftop t look like Jerusalem. hmm, e well was real pretty! gd job guys! ha. yeah, so we had a gd time doing registration after. quite messy, but it was fun. i wna do registration again next yr! ha.

mm, guess what. some guy had a real serious attitude problem man. and tried t act cool. hais.. these kinda ppl.. poseur. ha. don't really like tt poseur's gf too. oh wells, who said opposites attract? they both were sooo pei.. both trying t act hip and down w a serious case of attitude prob. hais..

mm, but! met a real nice person. ha. not exactly gd looking. but nice. ha. niceee.. nice character and all. mmm..

oh wells, i shall go dream abt tt person. hurr. super tired now. have t wake up early t sell lunch coupons. i'm turning into a lunch coupon aunty. ha. bahh.. some guy said i look like a 19 yr old today. bahh.. i need t look younger man. ha.

okays, i'm off t slp.. gg t think abt tt nice person. ha. nights. loves. hugs&kisses. [:


Friday, September 17, 2004
mm, had camera test during locvid wkshop today. it was quite bad. everyone else's monitor looked fine, but zat's and mine looked uber dark. bahh. and tt bungbo was weird again. as usual. she scolded us, then started laughing. scold halfway laugh! madness.. i can't stand her! i reaallyyy can't! bahh..

mm, after tt bungbo chased us out of e studio, adri and i headed t canteen one t lunch [after we walked a WHOLE round around e atrium and then decided tt canteen food is cheaper. ha] and met adri's friend, melissa, and melissa's friend at canteen one. melissa is madd man. hurr. but in a gd way. she kinda rocks. ha. and so we talked crapp and all. yeahh, and adri realised tt e bitchiest ppl in e sch is frm our course. ha. oh wells..

mm, i feel like a toot nowadays. studustudystudy.. projprojproj.. no gg out. hais.. but!...

then i towned w shelia! ha. happiness. haven't been out for so longg. workworkwork. walked aorund and around. wanted t buy this fox tank, but when i went back, there wasn't any left in my size! bahh.. oooh, saw quite a few nice things today. but decided not t splurge. otherwise i'll be super broke soon. ha. shelia and i went t trim our eyebrows too! ha. and now we look weird. our eyebrows are too thin. and we look like malay girls. noo, we look MORE like malay girls. hais.. and for once in her life, e someone told shelia t draw her eyebrows. ha. funnyy.

mm, have t wake up uberuberuber early tm morning t go cut leaves at kent ridge park and then head t shalom by 12. have t be in church at 9.30am t go t kent ridge. mm, have t slp earlyearly tonight man. there ain't anything on tv tonight anyways. ha.

loves. hugs&kisses. [:


Thursday, September 16, 2004
helloes! i have finallyfinallyfinally completed typography today. e sisterhood stayed in canteen 2 for like forever printing and mounting e typo stuff. complete! finally! phew.. mm, up next, Bauhaus. bahh.. oh, and media update is due this monday. mm, more work. but i'm gna lax a lil and not do any work for now.

mm, might go out w shelia tm. yay! ha. i need new slippers man. kept slipping and slipping today, on e wet ground. bursted too many of sam's veins. ha.

mm, watching Singapore Idol now. mm, i like tt guy's teeth. darn straight and white. can't wait for my braces t come off man. but i'm stuck w it for another 4-5 yrs, including retainers time. bahh.. nooo.. hais. tt beverly girl is good man. ha.

lalala.. combined games day coming up. can't wait. but i don't think i'll be gg around playing e games. but! can see e two cuteys again. ha.

just showered. feels darn gd cos i got rained on when walking t gracom consultation.

bahh.. as you can see frm e nonsense tt i'm blogging, i have nothing t blog abt. ha.

[ooh! haizad frm Singapore Idol is wearing king's sweater! yay! i looovvvveeee e sweater. it's niceee! heh.]

okays, i'm gg off now. nothing t blog abt. gna go dinnering. loves. hugs&kisses.

[pj, i don't really know what t say t make you feel better. but just wna let you know tt i'm here for you and love you. :] ]


Sunday, September 12, 2004
when i got off e bus just n9ow, there was this cockroach crawling towards me. noo, not crawling. it was sppeding man. it was running. but i managed t avoid it running over my toe, looking like a tard in e process. and in shalom, there was this bee, which josiah didn't believe me when i told him tt, and while walking t shalom, sand got into my wedges. ha. grossy things aside, e day was quite gd! [:

got t church in time today, and was so distracted by something/someone. which isn't gd la, cos my attn is supposed t be on God. hais. was sooo v.distracted. ha. met gwyn's friend and her friend's friend in church. ha, it was so funnyy. and i went for ss class! haven't been t lesson for so long, i feel so bad. oh wells, gd news anyways! quite a few ppl are gg for e combined games day on sat! 30 odd ppl! wow! happiness..[:

after church, went t meet e sisterhood+ethan at city hall and proceded t e esplanade library t do our bauhaus proj. which we didn't do much of, cos there wasn't any bauhaus books there! e one we wanted was at je library! goodness. can diee. i just came frm there! mm, but thank God they didn't wna go there t find e bk. ha. went t suntec for a lil after, ate food and sammie bought a toy for her one month old baby cousin. oh and ppl, don't everever eat e kaya toast at suntec. it's grossified. try it at your own risk. don't say i didn't warn you. ha.

went t shalom after, and it was quite fun. there were only two cute guys there. ha. and gwynie agrees w me tt they're e only cute ones. ha. but they didn't look fantastic. ha. mm, my...... is still better looking. t me at least. ha. and someone was at shalom too. which made it feel quite weird. hais, i should be nice t tt someone. i'm such a meanie, but not as mean as calling ppl troublesome. hais. anyways, yahh.. went for dinner w jon, tong and gwyn at marche. and a milkshake after. has no space left in my tummy for my ya kun kaya toast. which is why i'm puky full now. ha.

mm, gtg. my bro needs t use e com, and i'm kinda tired. another wk of sch starting tm. which means, more work is due. bahh. should get down t starting them soon. ha. oh welly, loves. hugs&kisses. [:


Saturday, September 11, 2004
came home in e morning and tried t find articles for media update, unsuccessfully. and i think i'm almost done w my phonetics journal list. but i have t find out how t pronounce all 30 words tho. hurr. after, while waiting for my bro t get off e com, i fell asleep. hurr. and only woke up at 3.10, when gtf starts in 20 mins! mm, made it in time tho, cos today's meeting was cottage meeting in youren's place which is in bp. hurr.

cottage meeting was quite gd today, sang songs, did an activity, and when everything was over, we tried t stretch [unsuccessfully again], some watched tt korean ktv thingy AGAIN, and saw some cute pics of youren when he was younger. he's e original rapper dude man! hurr.

after, we went t plaza t eat some stuff, and had a gd time o fellowship. jo was crappy again man, as usual. hurr.

feels gd t know ppl care frm e comments from e previous entry. thanks dearies. so....there's love today again! hhahahah.. so, loves. hugs&kisses. [:


i just read something and it's so disappointing. hais. don't know what t make of it. don't know what t think of it. hais. should i just forget abt it? and pretend tt i didn't read it? hais. i don't know.. i seem t have so many thinds happening t me. i think i just think too much tt's why. hurr. should stop thinking. hais.

last night [thurs night], life was quite mean t me. someone was mean. hais. reallyy mean. bahh. was quite upset, and decided t lie on my bed. then e meanie msged t apologise. didn't know how t reply, cos i was still upset. and i still am now. so i didn't reply. e msg is still in my phone. decided not t delete it. i really don't know what t do now. hais. i think i've gotten over it, but i still can't believe tt e person was actually so mean t me. hais. sighsss..

watching ice age on vcd on e tv now. ha. but it's so boring, so i've decided t blog. AGAIN. gwyn's doing some gtf stuff, and only eve's watching it. hurr.

e day's been quite disappointing actually. hais. didnt get any work done. none at all. i feel like such a failure. no motivation and discipline at all. bahh. have t start soon man.

no love no hugs and no kisses this time. don't feel much of any. esp not frm some ppl. hais..


just reached gwyn's place..

mm, had locvid today, and as usual, nwc was being her usual weird self. and she offended quite a few ppl today. hais. i can't stand her, i really can't. bah..

stayed back after tut/wkshop for a lil while, t pei adri, and headed home. planned t take a nap, and wake up later t do work. but guess what. i overslept. till 6+. slept for 5 hours! goodness. what a piglet. then gwyn called and asked if i wanted t go for teh tarik w her, eve and ben tonight. so i agreed, after much thought. hurr.

mm, and poor sammie. nwc changed e grps in both tuts. and she ended up in..let's just say, another grp. hais, poor girl. no king, no pj, no anybody in e grp. mm, it's alright dearie, you shall learn e art of mugging from e ppl. hurr. you may even get t join e muggers utd in time t come! hurr. *hugs* it's gna be alright dearie. just a few more wks before e sem ends. [:

mm, teh tarik was okays.. still e same ben. but yet not e same. does anybody get it? mm, hais. learnt a few things tonight. let's just say, tt i never thought of it like this before, and it's quite suprising t learn it. quite saddening too. hais. changed my opinion on everything. hais.

hais, haven't started on anything o e work. hais. deaddeaddead.. dieeeee. mm, e sisterhood dies tgt. i want a nice funeral. in e garden of remembrance. and in church later, and be buried in cck lawn cemetery. hurr. and i want flowers. loads of them. ha. okays, i'm bring spas. but i'm a dead duck man. dying duck. will be a dead one by next wk. hais..

oh well, think i wna go slp. have t be home early tm morning. currently staying over at gwyn's place right now. yeahh.. oh wells.. loves. hugs&kisses t all. [:


Thursday, September 09, 2004

i'm in gracom tut right now. choy kok kee's teaching us how to use indesign. he's good man. i think it's supposed to design magazines and stuff. i don't really get it though. hurr. let's see what i know..

  • always allow 2mm more for spine binding, and 2mm less for staple binding.

  • always leave 3mm more at e bottom, for the page number, and it looks nicer too. hurr.
  • red line = bleed

  • black line = size of design

  • picture must be in TIF format and in CMYK [whatever tt is. hurr.]

  • if you want e pic t be at e edge of e bk, put it t e bleed line.

  • the white arrow is used t delete e pic for e blue cross.

hurr. tt's all i know man. and i'm confused alr. and choy kok kee just said tt this is just e beginning of e difficult part. hais. dieee. i'm so very com illiterate. ha. i'm gg t fail my Bauhaus man.

mm, just had specom just now. e sisterhood was mugging all of last night till this morning for today's seech. we all slept at abt 4am. thereabouts. all trying t get our outline and ppt done. hais. i slept at 5am, and set e alarm for 6am. but guess what..i overslept. woke up at 7.50am, when adri called me. and tut started at 8am! i was so dead. chionged out of e house, and tried t get a cab. goodness. there aren't any cabs at tt time of e day man. finally got one, but there was a jam. my cab fare came up t $8.20. hais. i'm making myself broke. ha. ph, thanks t my nicee darling brother, soon seng, who lent me $10 t cab. i have t return him la, of course, but at least i didn't have t waste time t go draw cash. [: thanks kor!

mm, my speech was terribleterrible. i was so nervous. i forgot t say my preview, review and memorable statement. i went, "thanks you." then i thought, "oh no! i forgot abt e memorable statement." hais. oh well, all's done now. can't do anything abt it.

have t go watch some vid for locvid today. after gracom tut. hais. and have t come up w a script for locvid major proj. workworkwork. bah humbug.

mm, let's see what's due this wk and next.

  • locvid script [and paperwork sometime soon] by tm,

  • media update by next tues,

  • financial update by next wed,

  • phonetic journal + reading passage + Bauhaus consultation by next thurs

  • and typography sometime soon,

  • and locvid written test on e 27th,

  • and shooting of locvid major proj within wk 12 t wk 14,

workworkwork. oh! and i just found out something. e big first alphabet of an article, is called.. a drop cap! wow! i learn something new everyday. hurr.


Tuesday, September 07, 2004
sneezing & sneezing & sneezing. non-stop. specom, gracom [typography], gracom [bauhaus], locvid. hais. i think i'd rather sneeze on for e rest of my life. hurr. itchy eye, sneezy nose. i think i'm off t slp. hurr. nights. loves. hugs&kisses.


my eye's itchy. the left eye. can't stand it man. scratchscratchscratch. hurr.

i wonder if ben's back alr. if he is, welcome back ben! hurr.


Sunday, September 05, 2004
had t teach today, or as some of you know, making ribena. hurr. i'm e assistant teacher for e creche, and i have t make ribena and wash e plates and cups for them. not a very glam job, i know. hurr. but e kiddies are wayy cute. so it ain' tt bad. hurr. but helping out today was quite tiring. i didn't know where all e stuff were moved t, until an aunty told me. and she's really nice. she always makes e ribena for me. hurr. wahahahs. and i had t wear some shirt over my tank. cos i'm teaching today. hais. it was sooo hot.

after, i wanted t eat damn badly, cos i was hungy! hurr. [like...duh~] hahs. anyways, and some ppl wanted t eat in e fellowship hall, so i waited. then i had my lunch after, while e guys went for e creative sale. mm, i think my bro's gna get a mp3 player cum thumbdrive.

i went towning after, although i knew i had t do my gracom. hais. i have absolutely no willpower man. i have t work on tt. ha. ppl, if you wna get something, go get it now! it seems like all e shops are having a sale. ha. mm, i wna buy this maroon off e shoulder top frm ebase, and this pair of earrings frm future state t go w it. and i want this pair of pretty shoes frm some shop in far east too. hurr. i want so many things! i'm gg broke man.. mm, oh, and e traditional kaya toast, at ya kun kaya toast, rocks big time man. i want some more! let's go towning soon. i want my kaya toast! hurr.

mm, i have no idea what t wear w e skirt e slackers united bought me man. noooo idea whatsoever. hurr. and we haven't bought king's present yet! diee.. i have no idea what t get for him man. does any of you? hais. i don't feel like gg for e tennis match tm man. ultimate boringness. hais. hope jing yin found something for king today.

oh, and ben wu just emailed me today, wishing me happy bday. all e way frm e states. aww, so sweet. hurr. but dearie, i'm 17! not 18! hais.. and my bday was yest. not today. but then again, maybe it's e 4th, american time. hais.. but he should know what time it is over here. hurr. oh wells, see you soon. you'll be back soon anyways. then we can start quarelling again! wahahahs.

loves. hugs&kisses. [:


Saturday, September 04, 2004
today wasn't tt bad. hurr. went t marina south for games, which i only played one game, cos i was too tired after. tt person copied someone and chased us [jonathan, ly and me] up e hill. hais. tt copy shitter. after tt, we attempted flying kites, and i stress, attempted. only a few of us could successfully fly one. but they did it by running round and round e field. hurr. after, we went t have steamboat, and we ate sooo much. we did quite a few spas things too. hurr. and shelia had her fill of prawns. i think she had like 30 or more of them. hahahahs.

hais. tt
aki ah. couldn't go home cos he didn't have his house keys, and had t wait in town til his parents were home, which was like, night time. and he kept asking me t go t town t pei him. [i was in marina w my friends dear. and i just reached home!] hais..

we gathered in church before we headed t marina south. and tt person was late for a whole hour! and all of us waited for him for an hour. which made some ppl quite upset abt it. anyways, in church, before we left, gwyn bought me a cake [which she couldn't get e candle lited. hurr.], sang a bday song and made me blow e candle. oh, and passes me her present. and then shelia came in and passed me a present from her and wei jie! wow! wei jie! hurr.

so, as you can see, today was quite fun! hurr. and, yes josiah, i think my cap is nice too. wahahahs.

thanks for e presents dearies. [: loves. hugs&kisses.


mmm, i almost forgot. almost. thanks for all your bday greetings today ppl. loves you all loads. hugs&kisses. [:


uhh, woke up at 11.58am, when i'm supposed t meet gwyn in church at 1pm t do e bulletins. thank God gwyn called t say tt something cropped up and we'd meet at 1.30pm instead. hurr. i wonder how today will be. hais. outing t marina south. t play games i think. gna turn blacker than i alr am. noooo. i don't wna chao ta.. ha. no lunch for me today. i'm hungryy. oh well, got t go alr. rushing t church. see you all. loves. hugs&kisses. [:


Friday, September 03, 2004
today started off really bad. but it got good when lessons ended. hurr.

i was latelatelate for tut man. woke up late, at around 7+, cos i was supposed t wake up last night, but my darling bro didn't bother t wake me up, and so i didn't set any alarm. not only tt. e jam was darn bad today. reallyreallyreally bad. i think it happened all over e island. hurr. e bus moved like 1 metre every 5 mins man. i'm serious! i took about an hour and a half t get t sch! an hour and a half! i usually take about half an hour only. 3 times! hais. and then locvid was soo boring. oh, and we didn't hand in our gracom today. hurr.

poor adri lost her lappie last night. whoever took it, pls return it t her. she misses her lappie soo.. mm, and so she had t bring her another lappie t blk 52 t reformat it. poor girl. e 2 of us are in e fugly lappie club now. hurr.

anyways, after tt, and after lunch, i went home t change out of my heels. it was killing me. hurr. why do i have fat feet! no fair! hais. and i uploaded pics into my online photo album. go check it out! it has today's pics too. hurr.

i met adri, jing yin, sammie and king in town after. and they bought a skirt for me! w pj! thanks guys, i love you all! *muacks* hugs&kisses. oh, and we [jing yin, sammie and me] spent like 45 mins in e shop, according t king. hurr. poor king. he had t wait for us for so long. sorry king. mmm, i love my skirt! it's white, w an elastic waistband, and pretty patterns on it! thanks ppl! hehs. and thanks for tt advance bday msg ethan. [:

we haven't got a present for king yet man. hais. i wonder what he'll like. ohoh! i just found something out today! king's bday is 2 days away from mine. wahaha. finally. someone whose bday is in sept. hurr.

yesterday was lousylousylousy man. after gracom [which choy kok kee let us out early at abt 1+], we [adri, jing yin and me] had t wait until 6pm t start shooting [we're helping t act as extras for pj's locvid group]. not only did we had t wait so long, they took like 15 takes for 1 scene! hais. and king was so nice yest. syed backed out on pj's group, cos he was ill, and we called king, t ask him t stand in, and he was so nice! he agreed! he was in town, but he came all e way back from sch just t fill in. and we ended at 9+. poor him. he didn't have e time t return his friend e tennis rackets. nice kingy. hurr. oh. and king looked nice yest wearing a button shirt. didn't take a pic of it though. ha. you rock la king. for being so nice yest. ha. anyways, some ppl ain't tt nice man. they were e ultimate worse. hais. it's alright pj, you still have us. [:

after filming ended, pj, fifa, andrew and tania cabbed home, and we were reminded again of how ungentlemanly some ppl can get. hais. and after, poor adri lost her lappie, and jing yin lost her wallet [thank God she found it today]. hais. lousy yesterday eh.

came home, called everyone and asked if they saw e lappie. hais. and pj and i talked abt stuff. hais. i thought they forgot, and i was -- i dunno. upset? hais. cried and all. but found out today tt they didn't forget. [:

mm, i have t go have my dinner now. thanks again for e present peeps! love you all loads. hugs&kisses *hugs* *muacks* [:

oh, btw, i had russian ice cream today. trust me. don't evereverever get russian ice cream. it's embarassing. hurr.

oh, and andrew, cap shopping! remember! hurr.


Thursday, September 02, 2004
I'm the one who wants to be with you
Deep inside I hope you feel it too
Waited on a line of greens and blues
Just to be the next to be with you
kept singing tt chorus over and over in my head today in e bus on e way home. dunch know why. actually, i do. but it's all in e past. just reminiscing [is it spelt like tt? hurr]. and i'm listening to it now. hurr. don't blame me peeps. i'm not into it anymore. just reminiscing, rem? ha.
tennis wasn't tt bad today. maybe cos i actually tried t play. hurr. shaam [i don't know if it's spelled this way] was nice today. btw, he only knows dirty jokes and religious ones. hurr. none of us brought soap. so we had t ask pj t borrow frm her friend who lives near kismis. hurr. and jing yin waited for us for like sooo loonngg. ha. [sorry dear..]
specom research and all due tm. and i'm gna talk on e vietnam war. thanks to, jeremy, and gwyn [who told me about agent orange]. and i haven't even started on gracom, which is due this fri. thank God for nicolas, wee yeng and alvin, who are gna help me. hurr. [thanks guys!] went t fancy paper t buy e materials for gracom w jing yin today. e shop is uberuberuber nice. it's pretttyyy. i wna buy e whole shop. hurr.
i shouldn't be blogging now. but..... i'm gna slp now. have to wake up at 6am. tm's an 8 o'clock day. for sure. hurr. nights. loves. hugs&kisses. [: