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Monday, August 30, 2004
today started out bad. i thought tt today was a 8 o'clock day, and so i set my alarm for 6am. but then i realised later [at abt 7am] tt tosay's a 10 o'clock day. hais. so i brushed my teeth darn clean [as clean as i could], but it was still early[7+am only]. so i went back to sleep and set e alarm for 9am. when e alarm sounded at 9am, i roused, but went back to slp, telling myself tt i'd slp a few more mins. then i heard my mom & my bro talking, and i saw tt it was 10am! i was soooo dead. decided to skip locvid lect [it's boring and quite useless anyways], but my mom started nagging at me. hais. so i decided to cab down. and thank God, a cab came straight away when i waked outta my house. hurr. so i reached e lect theatre at 10.20am. [:

and pj said tt her grp wouldn't be filming today. cos tt bee-yatch of a tania didn't wna come down t np t film today. crapp.

we went lunch at galileo cafe, and e chicken cutlet there was darrrnnnnn tough. according to king, we had an old chicken. and according to sam, our chicken had a stroke. tt's why it was so tough. couldn't move. wahahah. crapp. i know. hahs.

met jing yin and daphney at canteen one and we all [e sisterhood, jing yin and daphney] went to e library to slack. wahaha. i'm gna vote for daphney! you all should! she's nice. and cool. hahs.

dfs went towning after e boringgg gracom lect [seriously, gracom lect is boring like crapp. and it's totally useless!], sam bought a a&f skirt, and adri and me reserved one. and we're gna get it soon! hahs. another new skirt! i'm so happpyyyyy! i love you aunty wen! hahs.

i can't go back to tss tm. no timeee. have to do sab stuff. xians. and i have no idea how to do tt. sab is totally useless man. how can you TEACH entrepreneurship!?!?? hais. maybe, just maybe, i can meet them IF they go out after meeting in tss. hais. and i'm worrying about e gracom typography proj. i have no idea to do it man. hais. i dl-ed a font, and i have no idea how to use it. hais. i totally suck at gracom man. hurr.

oh well, i wna watch friends now. till another time..[: hugs&kisses.

and i learnt somethings abt someone today. hais. i don't know how i'm feeling abt it. don't know what i'm supposed to feel abt it. i don't know anything man. sighs. :(


Sunday, August 29, 2004
e trip wasn't tt bad. but it wasn't fantastic either. hurr. here's what happened...

got off e plane, went to e hotel, and went out for a little while. mmm, we ate [i don't get why they wanted to eat. we just ate on e plane. can die from overeating man], and i ate a banana pancake w ice cream. it tasted like goreng pisang w ice cream. and there was this old ang moh guy who smiled damn sickly to me. and he alr had 2 thai ladies w him. and he's old and ugly. and he still dared to smile at me. i felt like slapping him. ugh. but i just diao-ed him. think i'd get into trouble if i slapped him . hurr. then we walked about one of e night market. went back to e hotel and watched loser on star movies [which i did a whole lot over there. hurr.]

e day started waay too early. we had to be ready by 9am [singapore 10am], and i slept super late e night before. cos of e tv e watching. ha. we went to see all e 5 beaches, and we went to e viewtop to see 3 of e 5 beaches at one shot. and after, we went elephant trekking! tt was quite fun. it was boring after a while, but e starting part was quite scary. i felt like i was gg to get thrown off e elephant! hurr. yeah, after tt, we went to a temple, a shirt factory, a cashew nut factory, ate some [lousy] bird nest and sharks fin, and went to a gem gallery. my goodness. tt gem gallery was HUGE. seriously biiig. e shop is bigger than my house! hurr. headed back to e hotel, and went to patong beach, which is e beach nearest to e hotel i was staying in. did a lil shopping, and i bought a preeetyyy sarong. hurr. they claim it's silk, but it feels darn rough. ha.

slept in a lil later, and almost missed breakfast. went to e beach, and i went parasailing! tt was e most fun thing i did in phuket! ha. but it lasted for like a few mins only. i was gg down just when i got unscared. sads. i wanna do it again man. sooooon. hurr. mmm, went for a thai traditional massage [which wasn't tt fantastic and didn't do much for me], walked around a little and e day ended. reached e hotel at like12 or 1 in e morning, thai time.

did nothing at all today. ate breakfast, packed up and went to e airport.

phuket has like sooo many non-thais. and sooo many eurasians. and most of e eurasians have a thai girl w them. goodness. bars line e streets and thai girls stand outside trying to entice guys to go in. oh, and there were loads of trans. loadsandloadsandloads of them. serious. and some of them are really pretty. and there was this one restaurant where we ate at, e owner used to live in singapore, he said tt patong is also known as e playboy areas. loads of guys [esp e eurasians] go to patong, get a 'gf', play w them, buy them a business, and leave. and in phuket, from what i see, the cost of living [for e thais] is quite high, and e food cost quite abit [for e thais]. and so, they do things to get e money. tt' s what i see and what i presume la.

i bought, a bag, a cap, 2 skirts, a pair of [ugly] slippers, and chopsticks [for sch and church ppl, but i've only got 5], and a wooden bracelet [for kingy. hurr. not tt king would read this, but, sorry king. couldn't find things to buy for you. no guyish stuff. 'cept for boxers. and you can't expect me to get tt for you right..]

anyways, tt's all tt i can remember from e trip. i have to go buy dinner now. i'm hungry. once sch starts, i'd be back to eating sandwiches everyday. hurr. so i better eat what i can now. ha. i'll blog more abt e trip if there's anything else tt i can rem. love. hugs&kisses. [:


Thursday, August 26, 2004
i just found out tt david de cruz, e one from singapore idol, is in nyp! *swoons* wahaha. but he's in nyp! i'm in np.. sads. hurr. maybe i can go visit whichever friend i have in nyp. hurr. cunning me. iknowiknow, he's not cute, and he's too arrogant. but i think he's hot! hurr. i'll get over this david phase in a lil while. ha. it's a temporary thing. siti. rem? ha. but for now, you have to listen to me gush abt him. whahaha. i can't watch singapore idol tonight! i won't be able t hear him sing. i can't vote for him! someone heeeelppp me tape e show plssss. hurr.

i haven't started packing my luggage. ha. i'll just throw some clothes into e bag later. it's just 4 days. there ain't much to pack anyways. hurr. i'm craving for ice cream now. vanilla ice cream. and i want carrot cake for lunch (e hawker kind, not e cake cake. ha.). weird combi. i know. ha. mmm, i'm starving. must be cos i didn't have dinner last night. hurr. mmm, i think i'm gna buy a whole tub of vanilla ice cream and attempt to finish it by 2pm. wahaha. piglet me. stuffing my face w food. wahaha.

think i should go off now. neeeed ice cream. hurr. i'll see you peeps. miss me! ha. hugs&kisses.

and adri, if e present's from you, he'll like it! hurr. see you dearie. [: and call tt girl who owes you money! wahaha.


did more filming today. e video is lousy. really lousy. it's all unbalanced. it's not straight. hais.

went to do my new card today. i can draw money now! hahaha. but i have so little. hais. but i still want my a&f skirt. [pj, quick! get money!! ha.]

went down to queenie's to collect e equipment. she had 2 guy friends there to help us. so it took quite fast. oh, and one of her friend, jonathan (i think), was quite cute. ha. saw him e day before when he was cycling around ivory heights when i went over to queenie's to put e equipment. [adri, he IS cute. wahahaha.] anyways, i'm deviating. we cabbed to school, and blahblahblah. quite a few ppl were late. so we started late. ha. we only had 2 scenes to film, but we had like 4 to 7 takes per scene. hahaha. [and i got to shout cut! again. hehs.] so we wrapped up at like about, mmm, 3.30 i think. yeah, 3.30. or 3.25. ha. oh, and when we were returning e equipment, we couldn't find 3 batteries! when we last counted them in e atrium, there were 10 of them! but when we returned, there were only 7! and if we lost them, we had to pay for them. and they cost like $150/$180 each. wah...we were all like ants man. scampering around looking for e batts. and guess what...e batts were at e counter of e studio! we all felt so dumb. then we wanted to see our vid, and guess who we saw! nwc! goodness~ *faints* she was at e fishtank. so we all ran pass it, hoping tt she wouldn't see us. but i think she did, cos she cast a sideward glance. oh well, i think she knows tt all of us don't like her. ha. anyways, we saw our vid, and it was bad. reeeeeaaaalllllyyyyy bad. like uberuber bad. i think it'll look bad even w editing. hais. oh well, hope queenie's magic fingers works this time. ha. oh, and i realised tt my voice is damn squealy. hais. sighs.

slacked around in e atrium for a while, blahblahblah.. came home, slept, blahblah.. and my spas brother pissed me off. bah.

went out at 10+, 11 to collect some thai tracts from shelia for my mom, and went to buy oreo mcflurry! my second one for e day. ha. and i got higgghhhh. wahaha. according to gwyn, siti -- sugar induced temporal insanity. ha.

gg to phuket tm. don't really feel lik gg. so much work to complete. i'm gna die for gracom... and specom... i'll miss editing in fri, gtf on sat, and church on sun. and i can't get my flower! jeremy! you meanie. don't wanna pass e flower to my brother. hurr. don't get it wrong ppl. jeremy ain't nice enough to get me a flower. ha. he's donating flowers this sunday, and he told me, like e previous wk. so i made him agree to give me e prettiest flower in e bunch. hurr. oh well, gna miss everyone here. you peeps must miss me k? [kingy, you're damn mean.. don't wanna talk to me on my last day in singapore. ha.]

oh welly, my left arm aches now. i have no idea why. think i'm gna let it rest. meaning, i'm gna sleeeeep. hurr. must miss me k peeps? and i'll try to blog. if i an find a place w internet access over there. which i think is highlyhighly unlikely. hurr. oh wells. see you all soon. hugs&kisses. [:


Tuesday, August 24, 2004
i had medisoc test today. met e sisterhood early in e morning and tried to study, but we ended up talking and laughing alot. ha. proves my point. you can't study w your friends! hahaha. so i took my test. dieeeee. i'm gonna fail! ha. and poor ethan came in late (10+ and e test ended at 10.30), and so suja didn't allow him to take e test. poor thing.

after e test, we went to film...something happened to e camera at e atrium, e timer couldn't move or something. not sure how to explain it. ha. but we blacked e tape, blahblahblah, and cabbed down to malcolm park. wah seh. malcolm park is infested w ants man! don't everever go there. ha. poor sam. was surrounded by ants. wahaha. she found her ant-free 'island' and sat on it, killing every ant tt she spotted. and when i went to join her, she said, "must help kill ants ok?" wahaha. she's darn cute. we did lots of spas things today. like shaking trees to make it seem like the wind is blowing it, and shaking dropped branches w leaves on it and shaking leaves in front of e boom. ha. poor adri. had to run after e hockey stick dragged on e ground to capture e sound. she looked so funny. ha. funnyness. mmm, wanna thank God. it was raining today, and it soon stopped, and we could resume filming (not tt we stopped la, in e first place. ha. but we would have if it continued raining). thank God!

after, we had to cab to queenie's place to put all e equipment there. and some ang moh lady stole our cab!! hmph.. we finallyfinally got a cab and went down to queenie's. i have to be there tm to bring e stuff to sch also. thank God 2 of queenie's friends will be there to help us. ha. and we need to extend e equipment thingy. i have no idea how to. nobody's gg to sch THAT ealy. mmm, i think pearlyn's grp is paying for us first and we'll pay them back. ha.

okays, nothing more to say. ha. too tired. brain ain't working. have to film again tm. haisss. oh well, till next time. [:

oh, and e best part today was shouting, "cut!" hahaha. i can do it again tm! thrill. whahaa.


i need to study man. readreadread. mmm, i've read half or chpt 1, and half of chpt 18. hahaha. mmm, i got bored with chpt 1 so i went to read chpt 18. it gives you e impression that you're almost done w all e readings. wahaha. mmm, i know..self-deception. ha. i still have to read chpts 2 and 3 and all e lect and tut notes, and finish reading chpts 1 and 18! hais. and my eys are blurry already. studystudystudyy. i'm meeting e sisterhood at sim tomorrow at 8. we're all gna chiong tgt. hahaha. we're all dead.

i woke up late today. around noon time i think. ha. cos i was talking to aki on e phone last night. got a lil lil weenie bit of reading done. a few pages. before i went to brush my teeth -- didn't want my dentist to kill me. and so, i went to my dentist. (i have purple teeth now! ha.) he made me brush my teeth again la. in e toilet. so embarrasing. there were sooo many ppl gg in and out. after, i went home, and i found out tt i didn't bring my keys out! i thought of climbing through e window, but it looke too scary. ha. so i msged my bro to call me when he reached home --he was having a test, and so i couldn't call him. i decided to go to e function room to study, rather than sit around e door. i found out tt e function room is act veryveryveryvery quiet. hahaha. it's so conducive for studying. ha. that place is so boring. there's no music, no movement, no nothing. you can hear e fan whirling and people screaming(kids) and e tennis ball being hit. ha. it was sooo boring tt i fell asleep. ha.

i came home, i fell asleep. had dinner, blahblahblahblahblahblah(i know none of you wants to read e boring details. ha.). so now i'm using e com, gg to study later. actually, i'm chatting w ben, benjamin wu, on msn right now. mmm, he'll be leaving e states on e 6th. so he'll be back soon. ha. haven't seen him for so long. a few months actually. ha. bet he's still crappy. in a good way la. he cracks me up sometimes. ha.

mmm, wanna thank alvin for helping me out w my lousy blog. hahahha. he spent so much time teaching me how to link other peoples' blogs to mine and stuff. hahaha. [thanks alvin! owe you one.] i was so wols. ahahah. i bet he was so pek cek. ha.

okays, think i NEED (this time, seriously.) to go study now. otherwise i'm dead. dead as a duck. dead duck. dying duck. okay, lame i know. ha.

till e next time...[:


Monday, August 23, 2004
hellos people, i'm bored now. ha. know i need to study, but don't feel like. hais. was just going through the sentosa pics. that day was super fun. ha. come to think of it. went blading! haven't bladed for such a long time.

today was okay. got everything resolved. mmm, so it was actually quite good.

went to town to study with pj today, and we were both so xian. medisoc is sooooo boring. ha. mmm, after studying, we walked around a lil bit -- haven't shopped for so long, ha. and we both saw this nicenice abercrombie & fitch skirt! wahaha. we're gg to buy it. as soon as we get e dough. ha. (i can't draw money for another wk! sighs.) and we saw another skirt! it has this scarf around e waistband. it's uberuber nice. ha. my feet is hurting from my painful shoes. ha. guess what man..i forgot to bring my hp put today! felt soooo weird. ha.

so much work to do. ha. mmm, wanna thank jeremy for helping me with my specom, by helping me come up with a topic to speak on -- the vietnam war! ha.
mmm, talking to alvin on the phone right now. ha. and the both of us are hungry!! ha

locvid filiming is postponed to tuesday, after e medisoc test. finally have the cast. but we need extras! ha. i'm feeling bad that i can't act as an extra for pj's locvid group. ha. esp since she's helping put my group big time. i'm sorry pj.. *sadsad face* ha. you can film on sunday! ha. after 5pm. then i can rush to sch. to act as an extra for you! ha. tt sounds so weird. wahaha.

okays, i can't think of anything else to blog. will blog again when i think of something to say. ha. [:


Saturday, August 21, 2004
mmm, i'm at south east cdc now. with pj's locvid group. they're supposed to be rehearsing their script. but there are so many ng-s. ha. it's so funny.

today's workshop day. the year 3's organised a workshop for us. some survival thing on time & conflict management. mmm, it was suuupeeeer useless. ha. i overslept. i woke up at 8.50am, and the workshop started at 9am. i rushed out of the house, without styling my hair to make it presentable to the world. horror of horrors! ha. and my eyes weren't even awake yet man. they were tearing and tearing. so i msg-ed adri to tell her that i was going to be late. and she told me that king was going to be late too cos he overslept too. when i reached school, adri and sam were at the atrium and they were eating. ha. so i bought breakfast and ate too. and king wasn't even there yet. mmm, when king reached, [i'm home now] we continued sitting around and only left at around 10.25am. ha. we only went because they wanted their 5 bucks back. ha.we reached there at only 10.30am. and we realised with all the posters hanging around that it as suppose to start at 8.30am! ha. and suess what was the topic of the workshop. ha. time and conflict management! ha. so contradicting. ha. mmm, my group, group 1 was kinda cool. ha. but the work shop was boringness. ultimate boringness. ha. after lunch, i migrated over to adri's and sam's group. ha. with king (who was also in group 1 with me). mmm, it was hilarious over at their group. we kept talking and talking. and lauging and laughing. ha. mmm, and i have a teddy bear! courtesy of sam. thanks sam! ha.

after e workshop, i went down to paya lebar with pj and sarah to rehearse with their group for locvid. mmm, it was quite fun. pj's friends were cool. they kinda reminded me of my church friends. like the good ol' times. hmm, times long gone. times that will never be back again. times that have changed so much. things are so different now. i feel so...... anyways, pj's friends are cool. really. mad. but cool. ha. i'd like to go out with them sometime. ha. heard that pj? *hint hint* ha.

i STILL haven't started studying for medisoc. mmm, and the test is on tues! dieee. ha. i'm going out with pj on sunday. and we're gonna study. and i'm gonna study tomorrow too. i hope. ha. pray for diligence and motivation.

mmm, pj's gonna act for us! woo-hoo! you rock pj!

mmm, happy birthday zer! i love you!


Thursday, August 19, 2004
today is damn bad. seriously. and it hasn't even ended yet.

i was just blogging that today's boring and that i wanted to go buy coke float. so i went to plaza. to buy coke float. but i had to draw money to give my cousin for his baby boy's one month old thingy. so i went to draw money. but guess what. my card got jammed. i got so angry. cou;dn't believe that e customer service it was happening. i picked up the customer service hotline thingy, to ask them what i should do, and if any security thungy can come down and extricate my card for me. but none of the customer service people were free. NONE! and the machine kept saying.."your call is important to us, please wait and the next free customer service officer will attend to you" (or something like that). important my foot la. kept waiting and waiting and waiting. so i decided to call with my hp. after a loooooooooooog time, some girl picked up. she asked me my ic number. our comvo went like that...
"S87..actually, my card got stuck in the machine. what can i do?"
"mm, what's your ic number?"
i was ic number for what!? i need you to tell me what i can do! but nvm, so i told her my ic number...and then i she talked alot of nonsense and blahblahblah. and so the convo continued...
"do you want a new card?"
(duh~of course la!)
"yes please."
"do you want to go down to one of our offices to collect it or do you want me to send it to you?"
"umm, send it to me please. mm, can you shut down this atm machine so nobody can use it? i don't want anybody to waste their time waiting and end up unable to use the machine."
"umm, do you want me to send it to you or do you want to go and collect it?
(what the.)
hais. after she told me that she'll send my card to me and that i can't use the card for a week! a whole week! wah seh. die man. no money! hais.
then i went to buy my coke float! finally! but the coke float straw (the thick one) ran out. so i had to use the normal one. the thin one. hais.
just came back from collecting my cousin's baby boy's cake. hais. what the man. he said i look like a boy. thanks man. so i asked my brother went i got home. he said i really look like a boy. when i tie up my hair. hais. i hate my hair. my ugly hair. i neeeed caps man. i reeeally do. i have to invest in caps. ha.
i haven't started studying today man. ha. oh well, pray that i'll start tonight.
and i still hate my hair. hais.


i'm bored right now. wendy called this morning to tell me that they're all tired from shooting and don't feel like doing sab today. and farhanah can't stay long also. mmm, so i'm at home now with my darling brother. ha. i know i need to study for medisoc. but i can't get down to doing that. plus i don't know what to chapters to read in the text. ha. i'll go through my notes. later.

my darling brother -- soon seng, just helped my uploaded yesterday's pics onto the com. and so now i'm sending them to everyone. mmm, i'm bored stiff.

my cousin, i don't know how to spell his name (it's some chinese name), wants me to go collect his baby boy's first month cake. and he hasn't called me yet. so now i'm just killing time, lazing around until he calls me. i think i'll call him when i finish blogging. mmm, i'm still bored.

i think i'll go buy myself a coke float. coke float totally rocks man. wahaha. and according to king, they have about a thousand calories in it. ha. but i don't care. they taste nice. they rock. i'm starting to get josiah and his fascination with coke. he can drink like sooo many cans at a go. ha.

mmm, i'm still bored. and i'm reading my book i borrowed from the school's library. mmm, how xian man. i'm gonna get myself a coke float and call my cousin and continue reading. mmm, will get down to studying. later. ha. pray for diligence to study man.


thanks for organising today pj! you rock! love you loads. *hugs* [:


crapp. shits. i finished blogging, but accidentally deleted everything when i clicked on something. crapppp. so freaking pissed. mmm, i'm tired. so i'll just summarise everything.

went to sentosa today. and it wasn't as boring as i thought it would be. i thought they were meeting at 12 noon instead of 10am, so i set my alarm for 10am. then adri called me at 10+ and told me that they were all there already. and she forgot to bring clothes to change. so i had to find clothes for her, that match, and iron them. over at sentosa, we did the usual things people do at the beach. play games, get into the water (which i didn't), played volleyball (for a little while), bladed, etc..and now my legs ache. from the blading i bet. ha. we took some nice pics. i'll post them when i figure out how to. ha. today was mishap day man. reza almost drowned (i wasn't there to witness it) and according to him, "i saw my life flash past before me". and i heard that the lifeguard was supersuperuber lousy. he/she was still standing there when reza was drowning. looking on. what shit right. never go to palawan beach people. you just might die there. and hafizah got injured. her elbow's now all bandaged up. she fell. poor girl. had to go to the medic. and when we were leaving, her elbow was stinging pain. poor thing. oh, and hafizah brought a whole bag of jellybeans form the states. it was HUGE. and so we were all eating. and that king. ha. he ate & ate. he must have finished like a third of it. ha.

mmm, on the way home with pei fang on the bus, she reminded me of the many work i have to complete. sighs. sooo much work man. the locvid filming, specom's third assessed speech research & bibliography & stuff, specom's phonetic workbook worksheet 6, gracom's typography project, and not to forget studying for the upcoming medisoc test. sooo much work. sooo little time. sighs. i'm gonna fail. ha.

i wanna sleeeep. it's gonna rain tonight. the wind's so strong. ha. i neeeed to sleeeeep.

zer just asked me out for friday. and i can't make it! i have that stoooopid workshop. sadness. hmm, maybe i can try to fake being sick halfway and go meet her. wahaha.

doing my sab tomorrow. even though farhanah can't make it. mmm, pray that we'll be able to finish everything by tomorrow.

pray that i'll be able to finish all my assignments on time.


Wednesday, August 18, 2004
mmm, tired..but incapable of falling asleep. too many things on my mind. can't seem to type then out. don't even know how to say them. hais..
today (or yesterday) was quite ok. mmm, nwc didn't complain as much as i thought she would. but she totally contradicted herself man.. at first when zat and isabel went to see her, she told them to add in a scene at the back to put a twist into our plot. and today when we went to see her again (third meeting! third!), she told us to scrap that scene. how contradicting is she la. crapp. thank God we didn't get it as bad as pj's group. she complained about everything about their script. goodness, she shouldn't be teaching. she doesn't know how to. hais.
and when i was drawing money at the atrium today, pj saw my neo-prints, and wanted to see them. so she took them..just when the money was coming out. and guess of the neo-print flew into the cash slot. i know..that's like soooo dumb.'s alright pj. it ain't your fault. mmm, it was one of the neo-print i took with liz, jenna and jaime. i wonder when's the next time i can take another pic with lizzie [lizzie! don't go!]..
and so, after school we (sarah, eva, reka,darren and me) went to town. met up with adri, sam and king there. [and if you're reading this adri..your hair's nice la! ha..] {mmm, i went to cut my hair yest. on mon. sadness man. it turned out fine when i left the shop. but when i woke up the next hair looked crapp man. i have to flat iron my hair (or at least my fringe) EVERYday! xiansationism..} oh well, tt's about all for the day. we went for dinner (and we gossiped a 'bit' about someone), and headed home. mmm, and adri got upset over something. [adri, don't cry. i love you. sam loves you. the dfs loves you--but that's like sam and me la. ha. the sisterhood loves you. *gives adri a hug* everything'll be alright.]
mmm, should sleep now. it's almost five in the morning! and i have to wake up at 10 to do my ugly hair. going to sentosa with the class. mmm, hope it'll be fun. actually, i don't get why i'm gg in the first place. i don't swim. and i don't want to tan. ha. oh well, i'll go for the people. mmm, pray it'll be fun.